What is Speeko?

Speeko is a mobile app designed for students to improve their public speaking skills. By having speech feedback and interactive practice activities at their fingertips, students can learn to communicate more effectively with a higher level of confidence. Simply record your voice, and you'll receive immediate feedback on different aspects of your speaking style.

How do I access Speeko?
1. Download the Speeko app from the Apple App Store (iOS devices only). Apple App Store Link
2. Create a new account (“Sign up”) with your school email and enter a password.
3. You should receive a confirmation email.  Confirm your account through that email, and you’re in!

Do I need an access code to use Speeko?
There is NO access code required to join Speeko for Schools. Use the instructions above to correctly access Speeko.

What should I do if I signed up for Speeko with a personal email address instead of my school email address?
If you signed up for an account using your personal email address, you need to log out, then log in with your school email address. Right after that, a confirmation link will be sent to your school email.

I didn't receive the Speeko validation email. What should I do?
If you did not receive the Speeko for Schools account validation email in your school email inbox, please contact us at info@speeko.co.

How do I get help with Speeko?
The Speeko team is available to assist you. Please contact us at info@speeko.co with any questions.

Can I use Speeko on a Mac?
The Speeko app is currently for iOS devices only.

Can my teacher access my recordings?
Your speech recordings are stored on your device and are not shared with anyone. You can choose to share individual recordings with others by selecting the Share option in the Speeko app.

Do I have to make the changes recommended by Speeko?
Speeko helps you gain self-awareness of your speaking style and identify potential areas for improvement. However, the decision to act on any of the feedback is entirely up to you.

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