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The Speeko public speaking app is your new secret weapon for personal and professional success.


What we do

Give yourself a competitive advantage.

Clear and compelling communication is critical to your success. By combining powerful speech analytics with best-in-class coaching, the Speeko public speaking app helps you speak your best.



For today's leaders

Smarter practice,
anywhere, anytime.

  • Practice and record presentations and pitches on the go

  • Instantly see feedback on things like pace, pitch, and word choice

  • Interactive lessons and exercises for both beginner and advanced communicators


Why we built this

Bringing science to the art of communication.


The power of data analytics

Our team has built advanced phonetic and linguistic algorithms based on years of communication science to give you insights into your speaking style.


Coaching reimagined

We’ve reimagined techniques that speech coaches have used for decades to transform people into great communicators.


Communication gurus love Speeko.

We've tested and refined our technology with industry and academic experts.


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