The Future of Communication Training


In today’s evolving business landscape, one thing remains constant: the importance of clear and compelling verbal communication. Communication skills have a profound impact on individual and organizational success. Despite the importance of verbal communication, many individuals lack mastery of this critical skill. This is known as a skills gap, and it permeates every level of an organization.

Consider the following scenario: A sales rep is highly driven at his job. He knows all of the product details, effortlessly keeps target buyers on the phone, and is often complimented on the energy he brings to his team. However, he has never met a sales quota. You’re the sales manager, and on close review of your sales rep’s calls, you have a realization: Although the sales rep is adept at objectively stating his case, he fails to make an emotional connection with his prospects.

When your sales reps are on the phone, the only tool they have is their voice, and it can easily make or break their success. Speaking quickly, for example, can put off an already hesitant prospect. However, sales managers lack the bandwidth and expertise to offer individual contributors the consistent, constructive feedback and coaching that they need.

Organizations recognize this challenge, and an entire industry has been built around it. Traditional solutions are expensive, vary in quality, and do not emphasize ongoing follow-up or skill repetition. As examples:

Feedback from supervisors and colleagues, whether written or in-person, is subjective, non-standardized, and uncomfortable to give.

Internal training materials using videos and manuals have limited employee engagement and quickly become outdated.

Workshops provided by professional trainers and groups are often one-size-fits-all and have no consistent follow-up to track progress.

The communications training industry clearly lacks scalable, data-driven solutions for today’s leaders.

Meet Speeko.

Speeko is a speech analytics and coaching platform designed to help individuals within organizations improve verbal communication. We believe great communicators are made, not born -- and anyone can become a better communicator through feedback and the right kind of guidance.

To learn more about how Speeko delivers practical insights for your sales reps to communicate more effectively, contact us at



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