How it works

Speeko is a mobile app that coaches you on how to level up your speaking game.


Why should I practice public speaking?

From giving a presentation to tackling a problem as a team, we constantly find ourselves in situations where our success depends on our ability to communicate and connect with others.

However, as much as 75% of the population experiences anxiety around public speaking. Get ahead of the crowd and strengthen your communication skills today.


5 minutes a day

85% our users report experiencing more confident and effective communication after 4 weeks of using Speeko. Start seeing results in no time.


Speech coaching reimagined

Get instant feedback on aspects such as pace, filler words, and intonation, and learn where you can have greater control of your voice. Enjoy interactive lessons and exercises based on communications science research.


Use Speeko anywhere

Practice on your phone or tablet while drinking your coffee, hailing your rideshare, or waiting for the food delivery person to send you that blessed “I’m here” text.


Join thousands of people
cultivating a happier,
more productive life

Because your voice matters.